• Acting on aging without surgery: this is the promise by mesotherapy. Also called mesolift, this technique offers significant results on the tone, brightness and hydration of the skin.

    Acting without surgery on Aging
    Here is the promise by mesotherapy
    This technique enables meaningful results
    on tone, brightness and hydration of the skin.

    The Mesolift

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  • Pistor Eliance Ergonomic design of the service the practitioner and patient, Easy and customizable programming, Programmable functions, Dedicated to the aesthetic mesotherapy

    Ergonomic design of the service the practitioner and patient
    Easy and customizable programming
    Dedicated to Aesthetic mesotherapy

  • Needle mesotherapy and consumables

    Stabilizers of skin,

    All mesotherapy consumables

  • Lissant Yal , based on natural hyaluronic acid, to diffuse microinjections to smooth the small diffuse wrinkles (facial lines) of the face (Mesolift).

MI I Medical Innovation

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More than 30 years, MI | Medical Innovation specializes in mesotherapy injectors. All our products design and its French manufacturing. Special attention to the quality of our products to offer our customers the highest quality.

ISO 9001 certification of the company is a guarantee of quality and competence. Listening to its customers MI | Medical Innovation constantly adapts its products to your needs using the most modern techniques .. From the welcome at the final inspection, MI | Medical Innovation continuously responds to your quality requirements.