Aesthetic Mesotherapy

Aethetic Mesotherapy - Pistor ElianceIn aesthetic/beauty treatments, Mesotherapy can reduce orange peel affect skin and circulatory problems. It is particularly good in reducing water retention and aiding blood circulation. It visibly contributes to rejuvenating the skin on the back on the hands, face, and décolleté (cleavage area). Prevention of loss of hair.

The preferred areas
- Rejuvenating facial skin, giving radiance, lessening wrinkles and toning- mesolift and mesofibrose
- Dissolving of fat-mesodissolution, ovalift, mesolift
- Plumping of skin reducing the appearance of wrinkles (hyralauronic acid)
- Treating of cellulite, circulatory drainage with defibrosing effect-mesodillolution, mesodrain, mesofibrose.
- Circulatory disorders of the legs-mesodrain, mesofibrose
- Treatment of old and new scars.

These treatments can only by performed by a practitioner with the relevant qualifications, having followed the appropriate course.

Solutions for aesthetic Mesotherapy
The principle mixes used are :
- Phosphatidylcholine
- Vitamin C
- Complexes of vitamins and minerals
- Artichoke
- Asian Centella
- Procaine
- Tiraticol
- Aminophylline
- Caffeine...   

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