Mesotherapy veterinary

Based on the properties of the skin, a therapeutic technique appeared in 1952:  Mesotherapy.

In 1960 the founder of MesotherapyDoctor Michel Pistor started to teach its principles at the Ecole Nationale veterinaire d Alfort ( national vet school).

This minimally invasive technique carries little risk and used mainly in canine and equestrien medicine. It allows treatment of  a number of afflictions principally trauma and sport injuries.

The two main advantages :
- reduction of side effects
- reduction of the doses injected.

Indications and field of application :
In veterinary medicine, Mesotherapyis mainly concerned in locomotive problems. It is particularly good in treating pain from osteoarthritis, dorsal problems, sprains, tendonitis, and cramps.
- Muscular disorders- strains, cramps, bruising, tears, contractions, shocks
- Ligament problems
- Rickets disease
- Arthritis

Expertise application :
In canine medicine :
Cataracts and deafness
Lumbar neurodermatitis
Painful joints
Square diseas

In horse medicine :

Degenerative osteoarthritis
Traumatic paralysis of the metacarpals
Exostosis and phlebitis


There are two types of injection :
• Intradermal superficial  <2mm
• Intradermo reticulare >4mm

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