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Certificates of Quality

ISO 13485 - MI Medical InnovationMI | Medical Innovation is continually engaged to improve its performance for a maximum quality which constantly benefits its clients.
Since 2003 MI | Medical Innovation has obtained an ISO certification for its products. ISO13485, the latter is specific to the manufacturing, maintenance and use of medical devices.

An ISO certificate assures that strict rules are applied and adhered to, and particular precautions taken. This gives the products a strong traceability. It also guarantees that each device conforms to the constraints of the ISO certificate.Our tools Mesotherapy have all CE Medical certification

For more details on the procedures for access to CE marking, LNE / G-MED has prepared a guide for manufacturers to affix the CE marking. They will find useful information:

    On the conditions for the application of the Directives,
    On the links of the directives with the most important European standards
    On how the LNE / G-MED is carrying out its tasks
    On the documents to which they may refer


The Pistor Eliance :
For today's mesotherapy.