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Mesotherapy and migraine

Migraine et mésothérapieMigraine could result from activation of meningeal perivascular nerve endings, resulting in the release of vasoactive neuropeptides, and transmission of nerve impulses to the bulbo-thalamo-cortical pathways via trigeminal fibers. The aura would represent a focal perturbation of the cortex or brain stem associated with an invasive cerebral depolarization. Migraine is a common type of headache (chronic headache). There are two types of migraine with aura or without aura. Just as we must distinguish migraine headaches with cervical headaches.

Prevalence: 17% in women, 6% in men (sex ratio 3.84); 10% in children. Migraine with aura will occur in 10 to 15% of migraine patients; Or even more frequently in children or subjects over 45 years of age.


Migraine with aura: Pain occurs by crisis, settling in a progressive (not brutal) way. It lasts from 4 hours to 3 days (if there is no treatment). It is often pulsatile as "a heart that beats in the head", "hammer blows" or sometimes "a feeling of clenching, crushing." The intensity of pain is increased by physical exertion (walking, climbing stairs ...). The pain is most often located on one side of the head, right or left.
Migraines without aura : are the most frequent (about 80% of migraine attacks), remain unpredictable, disappear spontaneously, are followed by inter-crisis periods during which the patient has no headache.
Migraine is a heterogeneous disease whose seizures vary greatly (type, frequency, intensity, duration) from one migraineuse to another, but also in the same person.

TRAITMENT Migraine et mésothérapie

  • Rest
  • Calm
  • Darkness
  • Interest of sartans in the management of the migraine crisis
  • Mesotherapy

Why use a pistor? >

Contributing factors

  • Menstrual cycles, oral contraception
  • Conflict, overwork, stress
  • Physical or intellectual efforts
  • Cold wind, sudden change in temperature
  • Strong odors, noise
  • Chocolate, alcohol ...
  • Allergens
  • Hypersensitivity to milk and wheat products
  • Abuse of analgesics


  • Derivatives of rye ergot: Dihydrergotamine: DHE
  • Beta-blockers: Propranolol: Avlocardyl
  • Mineral salts with neuro regulating properties: Magnesium: Mag2 injectable
  • Benzodizepinesa muscle relaxant action: Diazepam: Valium
  • Neurologically active product: Amitriptyline: Laroxyl®



  • Epidermal IED or intra-dermal superficial IDS on cervical vascular axes, cervicoccipital area
Nappage painful areas
  • Intra deep dermal IDP 4mm on the hyperalgesic points; Eyebrows, forehead, temples, occiput


To be adapted to the number of crises.

  • 1 / week for 3 weeks
  • 1/15 days during 1 month
  • 1 / month for 6 months
  • 4 / year in maintenance


  • Decrease the frequency and intensity of seizures
  • Therapeutic relief
  • Better compliance
  • Better tolerance.