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The elongation is an internal accident of the muscle sometimes taking on serious accents to the point of transforming any hope of performance into a painful sports stoppage. The elongation is the result of a maximum contraction of the beam considered, without going as far as the breakage of fibers. The breakdown or muscle rupture is the next stage where the muscle presents a more or less significant break in continuity, palpable and detected by ultrasound. Elongations & mésothérapie

The pain that characterizes the elongation is a precisely localized point. It is felt during exercise, and disappears at rest. However, it is possible to find it by pressing where it was. The pain is simply asleep. In addition, the athlete, when his muscles have cooled, may feel in the area of ​​the muscle concerned a diffuse pain similar to numbness of the limb.

The advantage of mesotherapy in the treatment of muscle elongation:

  • Participates in good healing
  • But does not shorten the healing time.


Elongation Musculaire - Pistor - MI Medical InnovationStretching is an internal muscle accident that sometimes takes on serious accents to the point of turning any hope of performance into a stinging sporting stoppage.

Mesotherapy is the treatment of choice for stretching regardless of their severity (excluding myofibrillary rupture noted by ultrasound). Its effectiveness is reinforced by a rigorous examination for signs of seriousness and by the recommended practice of ultrasound. Thus, the most disabling stretching can allow a fairly rapid return to sport by limiting recurrence.

 Mechanisms of injury

  • Extrinsic
    • external shock
    • sometimes associated with muscle contraction
  • Intrinsic
    • stretch
    • sudden contraction
    • eccentric solicitation

Treatment: Elongation & mésothérapie

Phase 1: 3rd day with analgesic rest
Phase 2: 4° to 7° day with physiotherapy muscle modeling
Phase 3: 10th day with resumption of controlled training
Phase 4: 14° to 21° day with intensification training

Targeted mixed point-by-point assisted epidermal mesotherapy (cIDP), muscle relaxant and / or NSAIDs. The vector being suitable, Procaine* or other (see below), 1 ml each.

Spontaneous improvement will be noted, allowing moderate jogging and athletic progression follows within 3-4 days.