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Mesotherapy and Football

mesotherapy and football - Pistor ElianceThe mesotherapy is a simple conception fitting to link between therapeutic treatment and pathology for a better efficiency. This is an injectable allopathic by intradermal and subcutaneous way, on the surface regional localized, polyvalent and micro-dosed This definition is summarized by the motto of Doctor Michel Pistor: "Little, rarely and in the right place."

Mesotherapy is an efficient medical technique serving sports, allowing the improvement of athletic performances, particularly in football domain.
Mesotherapy is used by sports medicine to treat high-level athletes, in order to be quickly recovered and able to come back to training without consuming any kind of oral medication and neither infiltration of cortisone.

Mesotherapy is a real opportunity for football clubs
More than any other medical practice, mesotherapy requires imperatively an accurate diagnosis.Most of European football clubs deal with Mesotherapy Doctors, to take care of their executive players. Their sporting career has been preserved, allowing them to reduce the period of incapacity for specific types of sprains and like this the can continue the competition. 

The Mesotherapy effects had three strategic objectives: 

  •  A significant effect reflex, perceivable through a rapid relaxation of the tissues,
  •  Vasomotor effect
  •  The effects of the chemical mixture injected

The positive and rapid results effects are: sedation on pain, relaxation of the tissues and tissues trophism).

Directions of a medical specialist

Mesotherapy concern tendon injuries (tendonitis, tenosynovitis or peritendinitis), muscle injuries (cramps, stiffness, elongation, muscles spams, rupture, contusions, strain and muscle tears), ligament (sprain, aponeurosis), cartilaginous (meniscal tear, chondropathy, hygroma, bursitis and capsulitis) and bone (shin splints, stress fracture, pubalgia and acromioclavicular arthropathy). •Patellar tendinopathy•Quadriceps tendonitis•Patellar condropathy•Achilles tendinopathy•peroneal tendinitis •Posterior tibial tendinitis •Arthrosis of the knee •Meniscitis •Pubalgia •Muscle tear, muscle spasms, elongation, strain


Mésotherapy and footballThey are relatively few in number; the most important is the mixture composition and the substance concentration.

Lidocaine and Procaine : They represent the basis of the Mesotherapy, because they serve like a vector for other kinds of components in the mixture and so diffuse deeper. Lidocaine (Mesocaine) will be used in the acute phase of 0.5% or 1%.
NSAID sMajor components of Mesotherapy mixtures, there are so many, and is not possible to highlight a predominance (Zofora * Feldene * PROFENID * Voltaren * Tilcotil * Mobic *) 
Calcitonin Often used in trauma, two opposing classes: 

  • The Human calcitonin synthesis is easier to use but less supported even in Mesotherapy
  • Animal calcitonin is better supported. Muscle relaxants The most used is the thiocolchicoside applied for its effectiveness as its tolerance (Coltramyl * Miorel *) 

The Diazepan (Valium *) can also be used, but is significantly lower tolerance. Draining This is the Dycinone® * which will be enable to drain oedema in the tissues. 
Vasodilator They will help to boost circulation in fibrotic tissues, carry NSAIDs and calcitonin going deeper, that is why their great importance.
Homeopathy injection
Two kinds of injectable homeopathic preparations are used:

  • Arnica 4 DH, which instructions are represented by secondary hematoma after a breakdown, a sprain, or primary straight shock. 
  • Equisetum Arvens diluted 4 (Horsetail) is used in osteochondrosis.

The last point, but not the least never used cortisone derivatives in Mesotherapy to avoid doping problems.