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Acne is a multi-factorial pathology that should benefit from a global approach combining external treatment and internal treatment.

A recent study, made on 100 women aged 19 to 29 years suffering from acne, showed an improvement in the quality of life following skin care such as micro-dermabrasion, mesotherapy, etc ...

The formation of retentional lesions, secondary to the proliferation and differentiation of keratinocytes, is under the influence of cytokine activation. Mesotherapy treatment of acne is therefore anti-cytokine.

Mesotherapy can be used at all stages of the development of acne: inflammatory lesions and scars.

The technique and products used to perform mesotherapy, differ depending on whether one will intervene on lesions in inflammatory phase, or cicatricial phase.

Mesotherapy can be performed just after a microdermabrasion session and may be followed by a session of medical LEDs.

Moderate acne.

Mixed 1:

Lidocaine 1% 1ml + Pidolate Mg 1ml + Vitamin c 1ml

In layering ID over the entire area of ​​the vesicles, associated with

Mixed 2:

Lidocaine 1% 1ml + Pidolate Mg 1ml + Vitamin H 1ml

Technique: ID on acne lesions.

Rhythm: D1, D8, D15 then every 15 days

Acne superinfected


Lidocaine 1% 1ml + Pidolate Mg 1ml + cloxacillin (Orbénine®)

Technique: ID on acne lesions.

Rhythm: 1 session only, then continue the "moderate acne" protocol

 Acne scars


Silanols Salicylate (Conjonctyl®) 2ml + Pidolate Mg 2ml

Technique: micropapules in scars.

Rhythm: D1, D8, D15 then once per month

The Pistor Eliance :
For today's mesotherapy.