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Achilles tendinopathy is a very common pathology among competitive or recreational athletes. There are several types of causes and multiple origins.
The Achilles tendon is the ending tendon of the triceps surae, formed by the union of the terminal laminae of the gastrocnemius and the soleus. It ends at the lower half of the posterior surface of the calcaneus. Its superficial fibers extend to the superficial plantar aponeurosis to form the suro-achilleo-calcaneo-plantar system, a true anatomical and functional unit of propulsion.

Therapy must be multidisciplinary, and mesotherapy should be used as first intention. Mesotherapy is part of overall care

Or Sting?
- In orthogonal projection of painful areas and irradiations
- Exquisite pain points
- on dermoneurodystrophies (DND)

Products used
- Procaine 1%: pain relief at the injection site, potentiation of myorelaxation
- Thiocolchicoside: relaxing action
- Magnesium pidolate: muscle relaxant action
- Laroscorbine: trophic and nutritional action
- Vitamin E: defibrosative action

Mesotherapy protocol
- Mixture: Laroscorbine 2 tsp + Procaine 1% 1 tsp + Vitamin E 2 tsp.
12 injection points tangential to the tendinopathy area intra-hypodermic point by point


- Mixture: Procaine 1% 1 cc + Tiocolchicoside 1 cc + Magnesium 2 cc as a topping on the muscular body of the triceps surae

Mesotherapy finds its legitimacy in the treatment of Achilles tendinopathy.
Finally, we must remember that mesotherapy is one element of treatment among others and that it does not replace them, in particular physiotherapy and rehabilitation care. However, it can often shorten, in association with other therapeutic means used, the healing time, which.