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Mesotherapy treatments against cellulitis

Mesotherapy is a method of intra-and sub ​​dermal injections which allows the treatment of adiposity.
Treating the poor circulation of the lower limbs by injection of a cocktail of several products in the area where is located the "orange peel", Mesotherapy reduce cellulite on the inner thighs, knees, arms but also the belly, the umbilical area, hips and saddlebags. It has as main actions: decongestion, local stimulation of veno-lymphatic circulation, dissolve fatty acids, smoothing the appearance of orange peel. It allows you to re-oxygenate poorly perfused tissues, it has a detoxifying effect and improves trophicity and tone skin tissue
It is intended primarily to diffuse cellulitis of the lower body, localized adipose (belly, thighs), circulatory disorders.


The mesocellulitis follows a very specific protocol on four points:

  • Composition of the injected mixture
  • Double injection depth
  • Number of meetings
  • Frequency of meetings

Protocol :

The frequency of injections is usually the first week weeks. At the end of this treatment frequency space fortnightly and monthly. Servicing is required and can be made by monthly injections.

Treatment of cellulite Mesotherapy is effective both in women than in men

The treatment regimen is as follows :

  • A session of Mesotherapy with the mixture described above in one session every week for up to ten days.
  • Injection technique: a point every cm ². Half of the injection points is made at a depth of 1 to 2 mm and the other half to a depth of 4 to 6 mm. The distribution of the two depths is due to the treated area.
  • The volume of each injection is 0.1 to 0.2 cc.
  • The total volume injected is at most 10 cc per treatment area
Each session lasts about 30 minutes. The sessions should be spaced a week to 15 days maximum.

This document is for information purposes, and can in no case be time to proceed with treatment