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Inter-university degree Mesotherapy of Lyon

Docteur Philippe Lafuma - DIU de Mésothérapie de Lyon   Docteur Philippe Lafuma - DIU de Mésothérapie de Lyon

Lyon :  Université Claude Bernard – Lyon I

Academic director : Pr. O. Guyen
Secretariat : 04 72 11 04 46
Mail :  olivier.guyen@chu-lyon.fr
Technical manager : Dr. P. Lafuma
Secretariat : 04 72 11 04 42
Mail : philippe.lafuma@chu-lyon.fr

Dates : 8 x 1 day (Tuesday) from November to June
Length of training: 2 semesters

Total hourly volume: 100hrs

DIU de Mésothérapie Lyon

Registration Contact : 
Service des Spécialités Médicales 
8, avenue Rockefeller 
69373 LYON cedex 08
Tél :

Docteur Philippe Lafuma
Mail :philippe.lafuma@chu-lyon.fr  

Education curriculum: 

History of Mesotherapy, Skin: Action Mode, Pharmacopoeia, Equipment and Techniques, Side Effects, Organisation of the firm, Aspect forensic, and other indications Immunostimulation Mesotherapy Mesotherapy and Osteoarthritis, Knee sports, the ankle sports, osteochondrosis splints, Morton, Thorn spur, tarsal tunnel, foot Mesotherapy, Knee Anatomy and Pathology Surgical Pathology Spine, neurosurgical Indications, Torticollis, Spinal Pathology and Mesotherapy Spot, neck and Sport, lumbago and radicular syndrome, neck pain, neuralgia ... 
Anatomy of the face and scalp, Mesotherapy and pathological scars, stretch marks, Treatment of skin aging, vascular care, treatment Dermatological diseases, alopecia and Mesotherapy Lipodystrophy of deep hypodermis Hydrolipodystrophie hypodermis surface ...


The Pistor Eliance :
For today's mesotherapy.