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Doctor Michel Pistor

Docteur Michel PistorAfter finishing his studies at the Faculty de Medicine de Paris, Doctor Michel Pistor choose to specialize in general medicine in a small country village. In 1952 he invented a simple, but revolutionary technique- Mesotherapy.

The Larousse dictionary gives this definition “a therapeutic procedure that consistsof injecting a minimal dose of medication, at a slight depth by needles at the closest point possible to the origin of the pain or illness.”
He liked to summon up this therapy with this phrase :

“ little, rarely and in the right place.”

Founder of the French mesotherapy society in 1964 he then went on to be president of the international society of mesotherapy.  He presented his Mesotherapy technique to the academy of medicine in 1968. Perfecting his technique he developed  slow diffusion  Mesotherapy (mesoperfusion). This was then followed by micro-mesotherapy in 1998.

His research and development has led to a creation of a university diploma in Mesotherapy, this is recognised by the following. Conseil National de l’ordre des Medicines des Paris, Bordeaux, Clermont Ferrand, Dijon and Marseille. Lyon joined them in 2011. Doctor Michel Pistor was equally  involved in the invention of the necessary instruments to perform his therapy, notably the injector gun - Pistor 4.

For his work he received a Chevalier de la legion d’ honneur  (equivalent to a knighthood.) Since his death  his work has been continued by a number of national French mesotherapy societies, who wish to continue to advance his technique, and bring them to the world stage in memory of its forefather Doctor Michel Pistor.

Publications :

Livres du Docteur Michel Pistor
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