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Mesotherapy and tinnitus

Tinnitus is a hissing, buzzing, or short, loud hiss in the ear, not coming from outside.
Tinnitus can be caused by a dysfunction at any point in the auditory system: from the outer ear to the auditory cortex. Tinnitus is reported to be present in more than 80% of subjects with sensorineural hearing loss.

There are many causes and tinnitus is often multifactorial:
1/. Otological causes:
- middle ear involvement: otosclerosis, chronic otitis, cholesteatoma, barotrauma
- damage to the inner ear: Ménière's disease, presbycusis, trauma to the petrous bone
- impairment of the auditory nerve: neuroma of the VIII
2/. Non-otological causes:
- vascular origin: arterial hypertension, stenosis or carotid aneurysm
- articular origin: cervical involvement, temporomandibular dysfunction
- other etiologies: diabetes, hyperthyroidism, neurological pathologies, sleep apnea syndrome.
3/. Idiopathic causes

Mesotherapy can be a therapeutic response to tinnitus.

Drug mixture:

- Lidocaine: for its analgesic effect, vasomodulator. Indeed, mixed with other products, it potentiates the diffusion and thus the effectiveness. Vasomodulator, it stimulates microcirculation,
- Piroxicam: for its anti-inflammatory effect,
- Calcitonin: for its anti-osteoarthritis effect (reduction of bone resorption)
- Thiocolchicoside: for its muscle relaxant effect
- Etamsylate: for its veinotonic effect
- Magnesium: for its anti-osteoarthritis and muscle relaxant action

Injection technique:

The mesotherapy technique used is said to be mixed with intra-epidermal injections and
Superficial injections: IED approximately 0.5 to 1mm deep either in IDS or in epidermal topping coupled with a deep injection technique: IDP at 4mm depth.

Injection site: On the paravertebral muscles and on the vascular axes of the neck (pericarotid).

Injection frequency: D1, D7, D14 then a final consultation to assess the results on D28