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Our pledges
To always listen to the feedback from our product users which will allow us to adapt and change our products, giving you the best efficiency, comfort and assured safety.

Customer values
For our clients to be fully satisfied with our products/ service.
To have the most competitive products available on the market.
To honour our promises made, and give a reliable service.
To continue to be innovative.
To always be at the forefront of our field.

After-sales service
A complete after-sales service.
In the event you have a problem with a product we undertake to repair it in the shortest time possible.
A loan product will be available for your convenience.

Our vision
For our business to prosper, by developing medical products and therapy solutions that respond to clients needs, whilst increasing our performance and optimising costs.

Engagement - MI Medical Innovation Pistolet de mésothérapie - PistorConcept 5S : To increase our performance we are using  Concept 5S. Concept 5S was conceived in Japan over 20 years ago. It’s arrival in France stems from when the Japanese businesses established themselves in France and has been adapted by a number of French businesses.
The name 5 S comes from the initials of 5 Japanese words, they recommend the 5 principles a business should follow to optimise its performance.

Sein : sorting, eliminating all unnecessary tools and parts.
Seiton : simplifying, every item in its place, clearly labelled and made accessible. It is then arranged in the most effective work manner.
Seiso : sweeping/shining, cleaning all equipment and keeping the workplace tidy, this becomes an everyday habit.
Seikitsu    standardising, all workstations for the same job are arranged identically. Every employee has a role in ensuring the first 3 standards are kept to.
Shitsuke    Ensuring that the first 4 standards are adhered to. That old habits do not creep in and keeping an open mind to new ways of working.