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Elongation Musculaire - Pistor - MI Medical InnovationStretching is an internal muscle accident that sometimes takes on serious accents to the point of turning any hope of performance into a stinging sporting stoppage.

Mesotherapy is the treatment of choice for stretching regardless of their severity (excluding myofibrillary rupture noted by ultrasound). Its effectiveness is reinforced by a rigorous examination for signs of seriousness and by the recommended practice of ultrasound. Thus, the most disabling stretching can allow a fairly rapid return to sport by limiting recurrence.


Point by point of interest (IDPc)

Most often combining muscle relaxant and / or NSAIDs. The vector being suitable, Procaine * or other (see below), 1 ml each.

A session is practiced on D0, D8 then according to the results of the sports recovery.

Elongation musculaire - Pistor - MI Medical Innovation

Spontaneous improvement will be noted, allowing moderate jogging and athletic progression follows within 3 to 4 days.

Any pain that persists beyond D15 leads us to check the ultrasound if it has not been done.

An active and passive stretching protocol is started on D8. No other therapy is associated.

Dietary hydration, sporting gesture and morphostatic and spinal examination are checked.