Alopécie - Traitement par la mésothérapie - PistorHair loss and alopecia are treated effectively by Mesotherapy (Mésopécie).
The objective of mesotherapy treatment is to inject intradermally a mixture of medicines to stimulate the bulbs that make the hair to promote hair regrowth, enhance their shine, thickness and increase the vitality of the scalp.
This is the most complete and the most active in terms of micronutrient intake and biostimulation process capabilities of hair growth solution.
Products used in mesotherapy of the scalp
Using a nutrient mixture and conditioner based vasodilator and vitamins, stimulating the bulb of the hair and giving it a surplus of raw materials that have the effect of accelerating the regrowth and to maintain a constant diameter hair.

Protocol : 

Alopécie - Traitement par la mésothérapie - Pistor4 sessions spaced 15 days and 4 sessions spaced a month, then 1 treatment every 3 months maintenance. It should apply early enough to be able to increase the length of hair cycles and away all the time to exhaustion of the follicle. The persistence of a fine down before treating the area of alopecia is a good criterion.
It is ineffective in androgenic alopecia.

Information :
Do not forget the adjuvant treatments and do not underestimate the psychological part.

Résults :
In 90% of cases the fall is stopped in 4 sessions.
Regrowth is seen at 3 months of treatment
The more the patient is younger, regrowth is significant.

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