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Coming from a wealth of experience MI | Medical Innovation  conceives, makes and sells highly specialized health care devices. This equipment is dedicated to the specialities of Mesotherapy, and aesthetic treatments. Our clients include doctors, physiotherapists and beauticians.

Always listening to our clients MI Medical Innovation uses the most modern methods to adapt our products to your needs. From conception to completion MI | Medical Innovation meets your demand for a quality product.

All our products meet the standard of the European Certificate (C.E.) which is the recognised mark of quality. We have also gained an ISO certification.

We want to guarantee you the best products. In this regard, we put all our know-how and experience at your disposal to bring you the most satisfaction.

Knowledge, interpersonal skills, know-how: our company’s winning trio

Professional competence is made up of three intrinsically linked cognitive processes that are activated when planning and executing professional tasks:

knowledge (knowledge),
practice (know-how),
attitudes (knowledge) in the business context.

Our quality certificates