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Treatment of algodystrophy by mesotherapy

Algodistrophie et mésothérapie - PistorAlgodystrophy, also known as complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), is a medical condition that causes severe pain and joint dysfunction, usually in one or more parts of the body, such as the upper or lower extremities. It is characterized by a combination of pain, inflammation, skin and soft tissue changes, vascular changes, and autonomic nervous system dysfunction.
Mesotherapy is active on pain, acts on degenerative phenomena, and limits progression.

The different phases:
The hot phase (< 6 months):
The so-called common form of algodystrophy, i.e. post-traumatic, manifests itself by a progressive onset, characterized by a so-called “hot” phase, often inflammatory, lasting from several weeks to 6 months.
It mimics the clinical picture of arthritis, with joint and peri-articular pain, stiffness/functional impotence, vasomotor disorders, redness, local skin heat, swelling (but without effusion), edema of the soft tissues

The cold phase:
Classically, follows the hot phase and therefore occurs after several weeks or even several months of evolution.
But this phase occurs inconsistently. It lasts until the algodystrophy is cured, that is to say on average between 12 and 24 months.
It is characterized by:
– Trophic disorders: local coldness of a limb segment, skin pallor, hair loss, smooth and atrophic skin, acrocyanosis.
– Capsulo-ligamentous contractures, with joint stiffness and worsening of functional impotence
– Persistence of pain (but often in the background), even skin hyperesthesia

Mesotherapy treatment

In the hot phase: Nociceptive pain with predominant inflammatory and edematous components.
The dosage: Lidocaine + Piroxicam + Calcitonin.
Recommended pace of sessions: 1/week for 5 to 8 weeks
Mixed media: IDP and topping

In the cold phase: Presence of sequelae atrophy and/or trophic disorders, lack of vascularization, or even persistent pain
The dosage: Procaine + Ethamsylate + Calcitonin.
Rhythm of sessions: every week initially then depending on progress. Mixed media: IDP and topping

Mesotherapy has many interesting features for the treatment of algodystrophy. Mesotherapy makes it possible to limit or even stop the continuous taking of medications or the use of local injections of corticosteroids, and therefore to limit the harmful effects. And finally, mesotherapy remains not very aggressive and inexpensive in terms of medication.