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Mesotherapy sports

Sport Mesotherapy - Pistor ElianceMesotherapy is very useful tool in sports medicine. When used in the right way it brings a quick, effective long-lasting  relief. A number of high level sportsmen have been treated by Mesotherapy. They recovered quickly and were able to restart their training before those treated for the same condition by oral medicines, and without steroids.

Mesotherapy works well on joint injuries (especially ankle torsions), elbow and shoulder tendonitis and muscular strains.

Meotherapy has become an integral part of sports medicine and has the same status as physiotherapy and podology.

Common sports injuries :

mesotherapy sports - Pistor Eliance- Strains,
- Inflammation,
- Torsions,
- Tendonitis,
- Cramps,
- Stiff and aching muscles and strains.


The Pistor Eliance :
For today's mesotherapy.