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Mesotherapy sports

Sport Mesotherapy - Pistor ElianceMesotherapy is very useful tool in sports medicine. When used in the right way it brings a quick, effective long-lasting  relief. A number of high level sportsmen have been treated by 

A large number of top athletes are treated by Mesotherapy . They are thus quickly restored and can resume training without taking general medication and without cortisone infiltration. Traumatic articular affections (such as ankle sprains) as well as elbow or shoulder tendinitis, and muscle strains are the responsibility of Mesotherapy .

Mesotherapy applies to all microtraumas, all types of tendinitis and all undiagnosed post-surgical sequelae pain. The products used are non-steroidal anti-inflammatories of the Voltarene type, for example, local anesthetics, vasodilators, relaxants, healing agents or even vitamins. Depending on the pathology, the product or mixture used will not be the same. In general, it takes three sessions eight days apart. If at the end of this period the improvement is not clear, it will be necessary to change therapy.

The huge advantage of Mesotherapy is that it does not require stopping sport. However, it will be advisable to adapt the sporting gesture according to the pain.

Mesotherapy should be an integral part of the therapeutic panel of the sports doctor in the same way as physiotherapy, rehabilitation, podiatry care.

Common sports injuries :

mesotherapy sports - Pistor Eliance- Strains,
- Inflammation,
- Torsions,
- Tendonitis,
- Cramps,
- Stiff and aching muscles and strains.