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Saturday June 22nd & Sunday June 23rd 2019

Conducted by:
Jean Jacques DEUTSCH (Aesthetic MD)
Dr. Jacques LE COZ (Mesotherapy specialist)

Subjects dealt will be: :

Topics will include:Docteur Jacques Le Coz avec le Docteur Michel Pistor

  • 9.00 AM Dr Jean Jacques Deutsch
    Hyaluronic Acid Injections
    The Thread
    Botulin Injections
  • 10.15 AM Dr Jacques Le Coz
    Mesotherapy :
    Cellulitis, Alopecia, Scars, Mesolift,
    Anti Smoking and Anti Stress
  • 11.15 AM Dr Jean Jacques Deutsch
    Demonstration of “live” face thread
    Demonstration of obstetrician

Cours de Mésothérapie avec le Docteur Jacques Le Coz 

Workshop conducted by Jean Jacques Deutsch with demonstrations on live” patients using fillers and Botulin injections.

Workshop conducted by Jacques Le Coz with mesotherapy demonstrations on patients. Aesthetic indications, Anti Smoking and Anti Stress Treatments

Workshop will review injection
techniques in mesotherapy and as they pertain to fillers.
During this workshop, you will observe 4 demonstrations: PRP, plasma exeresis,peelings and needle and canula practice.

 Registration by email  docteur-le-coz@wanadoo.fr
Please contact the secretariat between the afternoon times of 2.00 to 7.00 PM - Tél : 00 33 1 45 80 33 11