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Mesotherapy & low back pain

Lombalgie - Pistor - MésothérapieLow back pain is a painful condition of the lumbar spine. Chronic low back pain is low back pain that has been progressing for more than twelve weeks. It is difficult to define the chronicity of low back pain according to precise and universal criteria, indeed many factors must be taken into account as well as the assessment of the pain according to the patients.

Mesotherapy is a therapeutic act resulting from a precise clinical examination based on
on the scheduled clinical examination of the spine, but supplemented by a specific mesotherapy examination. If its indication requires eliminating secondary low back pain, then there is no "one-size-fits-all" treatment.

Mesotherapy finds its place in the treatment of low back pain, for several reasons:

  • Little or no side effects,
  • Avoid over-medicalization


  • Demographic signs: More and more cases of low back pain are observed in young age groups (from 20 to 30 years), which implies the not necessarily degenerative nature of this pathology and establishes a link between appearance of chronic low back pain and the exercise of a professional activity.
  • The most exposed professions: These are those which require efforts leading to stresses exerted on the spine (carrying heavy loads, prolonged postures, exposure to vibrations).
  • An increasingly frequent history of low back pain.


  • Irradiation of pain below the knee,
  • Worsening of pain when standing,
  • Difficulty walking a few steps,
  • Difficulty getting up from a chair or bed.


MESOCAINE 1%: for its not only analgesic effect, but also vector. Mixed with other products, it potentiates the diffusion and thus the effectiveness.
PIROXICAM 20 mg: for its anti-inflammatory effect.
THIOCOLCHICOSIDE: for its muscle relaxant effect.
CALCITONIN 100 U: For its powerful analgesic action, by its peripheral action on the flow of calcium through the neuronal membrane, and its central action, by increasing beta endorphins. For its vasomotor and anti-inflammatory action on soft tissues, in particular by inhibiting the synthesis of prostaglandins.
ETAMSYLATE: anti-edematous, decongestant, draining.


Systematized point mesotherapy

Intra-epidermal mesotherapy

Superficial intradermal

Technique mixte

Hypodermic injections 10 mm deep, with a needle 13 mm long and 0.30 mm in diameter, where the skin may be folded at the injection site with the needle inserted perpendicular to the skin.

This technique is a process of loco-regional injections about 1 mm deep.
It is also practiced with a needle of 13 mm and 0.30 mm in diameter applied tangentially to the skin, bevel facing the sky.

The depth of the injections is approximately 2 to 3 mm deep, in the dermis.
It is practiced with a needle 4 mm long and 0.35 mm in diameter, the bevel of the needle downwards, with an angle of the needle and the syringe of 45 ° to 60 ° with respect to the skin .

Use of two techniques successively during the same session: M.P.S at 10 mm depth for occasional "deep" and circumscribed suffering. I.E.D or I.D.S for "superficial" and diffuse suffering (Cellulalgia and radiculalgia).

The additional treatments most often essential to therapeutic success will also depend on this dismemberment. Mesotherapy improves the condition of chronic low back pain both locally and psychologically.