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Dorsalgie & mésothérapie - Pistor ElianceDorsalgies corresponds to pain in the dorsal spine (between the neck and the kidneys), mesotherapy is effective for common back pain, pain will be mechanical, will vary coherently according to mechanical stimulations and therapeutic, will evolve in crises or continuously. A back pain is a back problem that takes its name from the dorsal vertebrae. It therefore refers more to a localization of pain than to a specific back problem.

The dorsal vertebrae are, in a sense, the support of the thoracic cage, which envelops the vital organs like the heart or the lungs. This piece of spine is often characterized as less mobile than the cervical or lumbar spine, which can lead to dysfunctions causing pain or blocking sensations. When this type of problem recurs and / or lasts more than 3 months, this is called chronic pain.

Back pain is common, it is often due to a fall, a sudden effort or a prolonged posture. Some factors may favor back pain, the most common are sedentary lifestyle, lack of activity, immobilization due to age or hospitalization for example, or pregnancy or overweight.

There are different back pain:
- Degenerative lesions, osteoarthritis
- Herniated disc: sharp back pain and pain in the belt
- Minor mechanical intervertebral disturbance:
- Static back pain: this is mechanical pain, evolving by flare-ups, and aggravated by physical activities.
- Functional back pain: The pain is usually located between the shoulder blades. This is muscular pain of probably postural cause, with often a psychological repercussion.

PharmacologyDorsalgie & mésothérapie - Pistor Eliance
- Lidocaine - Magnesium
- Calcitonin - Polyvitamins
- Piroxicam - Silicon
- Thiocolchicoside

Mesotherapy treatment
The mixtures will be different depending on the back pain treated (the spine, the static, functional back ...)
ACUTE PATHOLOGY: 2 to 3 sessions to 8 days
CHRONIC PATHOLOGY = 2 to 3 sessions to 8 days + more or less regular rhythm: to 1 month ... 2 months ... 3 months ... Etc ...

Dorsalgia in crisis represent a remarkable indication of mesotherapy for efficacy, rapidity, short duration of treatment, compliance, excellent tolerance and satisfaction of the people treated.

The Pistor Eliance :
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