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Aesthetic Mesotherapy

Aesthetic mesotherapy - Pistor ElianceMesotherapy is also a new tool to meet aesthetic medicine needs.
Vitamins, homeopathic mixtures, hyaluronic acid, minerals, etc… are injected into the mesoderm by microdoses, resulting in an anti-aging effect.
Vitamins, hyaluronic acid, minerals, vasculotropes, etc. are injected into the mesoderm by micro-doses.
Today, health, beauty and physical well-being can no longer be separated. Mesotherapy has virtually no side effects and the price is affordable.



Aesthetic mesotherapy - Pistor ElianceMaintain or improve good-shape

Fight against oxidative stress
Balanced nutrition

Optimize «shapes»

Silhouette improvement
Improve skin’s appearance (scars, stretch marks, acne, Zona)
Face - hands - décolleté

Mesotherapy is essentially aimed at the effects of extrinsic aging, more particularly micro-circulatory disorders and certain fine lines that will be reduced, but not filled.

In aesthetic medicine, Mesotherapy makes it possible to: Attenuate the orange peel appearance and circulatory disorders, while actively participating in the elimination of water and blood circulation.

Contribute to skin rejuvenation on the face, neck, décolleté, back of the hands
Prevent hair loss
Treat recent or old scars.

aesthetic mesothérapy - Pistor