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Aesthetic Mesotherapy

Aesthetic mesotherapy - Pistor ElianceMesotherapy is also a new tool to meet aesthetic medicine needs.
Vitamins, homeopathic mixtures, hyaluronic acid, minerals, etc… are injected into the mesoderm by microdoses, resulting in an anti-aging effect.
Vitamins, hyaluronic acid, minerals, vasculotropes, etc. are injected into the mesoderm by micro-doses.
Today, health, beauty and physical well-being can no longer be separated. Mesotherapy has virtually no side effects and the price is affordable.


Goals :Aesthetic mesotherapy - Pistor Eliance

Maintain or improve good-shape
Fight against oxidative stress
Balanced nutrition

Optimize «shapes»
Silhouette improvement
Improve skin’s appearance
Face – hands—décolleté

aesthetic mesothérapy - Pistor

The Pistor Eliance :
For today's mesotherapy.