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Mésothérapie et cicatrices - Pistor ElianceMesotherapy aims to nourish the skin by injecting vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and hyaluronic acid into the dermis to restore the vitality and functions of the skin. Who can be tired, dull, subject to external stress (tobacco, sun, pollution ...) or internal (work, diet ...)

But also mesotherapy and particularly well suited to the treatment of scars whether in a surgical setting or aesthetic meso-restructuring.

In mesotherapy, two types of scar must be distinguished:

Atrophic: resulting from the destruction of connective tissue by trauma or inflammation. Infections such as chicken pox, tertiary syphilis, some tuberculides and some deep mycoses can produce completely atrophied scars.
Pathological: requiring treatment of fibrosis; there are two kinds of pathological scars, even if they have in common that they are scars, the redness of which tends to persist for more than a year, (the hypertrophic scar regresses spontaneously, the keloid scar does not regress spontaneously, and tends to branch out and spread to adjoining areas)

Restructuring meso

can correct atrophic scars by filling (by a mechanism of stimulation) cutaneous depression, and pathological scars by a restructuring of the cicatricial fibrosis to leave room for a physiological tissue.

Mesotherapy, essentially using the epidermal IED technique and respecting the different physiological phases of cutaneous cicatrization is particularly well suited to the treatment of cellulopathies encountered in surgical treatment, whether preoperatively to prepare skin and deep tissue for intervention or postoperatively early or late to obtain a rapid recovery of the tissues affected by the intervention.


After disinfection with Biseptine or alcohol at 70 °, the injections at the injection depth varies from 2 mm in superficial intradermal (IDS or "topping") to 4 mm deep intradermal (IDP).


Lidocaine 1% 2ml
Pidolate of Mg 2ml or Etamsylate 2ml
Vit C 2ml
Intra-lesional IDS and IDP and around, in healthy skin

Rytme: J0; J15; J30; J60 ...

The contribution of mesotherapy treatment works on several levels:

  • Helps in the reconstruction of collagen fibers
  • Harmonization of the local vascular state
  • Modulation of dysesthetic disorders
  • Reduction of lasting inflammatory phenomena
  • Local tissue nutrition