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Mesotherapy medical - Pistor ElianceMesotherapy is a simple conception therapeutic approach to the place of therapy instead of disease for increased efficiency. For this, several local injection sessions are needed depending on the pathology. It is performed by a physician himself
Mesotherapy is based on repeated administration of low doses of allopathic drugs (all drugs used in general medicine in injectable form, except corticosteroids) or homeopathic in the skin, where the disorder or pain is felt . Exist also mesoperfusion.
 Its effectiveness in the management of patients and its safety inevitably explain its rapid development around the world.
 "Mesotherapy is the sweetest medicine hard and harder alternative medicine." Doctor Michel PISTOR

The fields of application of Mesotherapy 

Rheumatology:mesotherapy medical - Pistor
Degenerative (spine, shoulder, elbow, knee ...) ...

Anxiety, sleep disorder ...

Presbyopia, myopia ...

Infectious diseases, allergic disease, vascular disease (tinnitus, dizziness ...)

Bronchitis, cough, flu ...

Colic, hemorrhoids ...

Tendinitis, sprains, spasms, strains, sprains, shin splints, RSD ...
Vascular system:

Arteritis, migraine, venous insufficiencies, bedsores ...

Dysmenorrhoea, herpes ...

Acne, psoriasis, herpes zoster located ...

The Pistor Eliance :
For today's mesotherapy.