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The benefits of ultrasound

MI Medical Innovation - ultrasonsUltrasound is the natural vibrations of sound but at a frequency inaudible to man. In aesthetic procedures ultrasound is recognised as one of the most efficient ways of fighting against wrinkles and for re-firming the skin. Ultrasound makes the skin more beautiful, clearer and more supple.

The effects.

  • Revitalisation of  lacklustre skin
  • reduction  of spots and blackheads on the face
  • contributes to the reduction/smoothing out of wrinkles
  • improves the cleanliness of the skin, leaving it soft and glossy
  • helps rid cellulite
  • rejuvenates skin
  • considerably improves the elasticity  of the skin
  • participates in the suppression of superfluous fat
  • Remodelling of the silhouette/body

MI Medicali Innovation - UltrasonHow?

As air contains little density it is necessary to use an aqueous gel to conduct the ultrasounds between the probe and skin. It is therefore possible to use different gels containing active molecules for specific treatments. Several gels are available depending on desired effect, it can be used for skincare on the face and body.