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Vergetures & mésothérapie - PistorStretch marks are linear streaks or fusiform streaks of 1 mm to 1 cm in width, located between the epidermis and the hypodermis. When they appear, they are red-purple in color, smooth and taut, showing an inflammatory stage resembling scars in length. They fade over time to become white and pearly, almost the same color as the skin.

Stretch marks are mainly on the stomach, breasts, arms, buttocks and thighs. Very frequent, they can appear during pregnancy, during adolescence, during certain metabolic and endocrine diseases: obesity, undernutrition, cushing, prolonged corticotherapy.

Stretch marks are due to a breakdown of collagen and elastic fibers located in the deep layers of the skin. These fibers break during a stretching too fast and too brutal skin.

The appearance of stretch marks would be of hormonal origin. More specifically, it is linked to an excessive production of cortisol.

  • A stretch of the skin associated with a larger production of cortisol. Rapid weight gain can combine hormonal factors and stretching of the skin.
  • The taking of anabolic steroids in sportsmen in order to increase muscle mass, especially bodybuilders.
  • Very thin skin.
  • The reticular dermis is responsible for the appearance of stretch marks:
  • the entangled collagen fibers are arranged according to a system of "skin split lines", lines of skin tension, it is along these lines that the rupture of the cutaneous tissue takes place during the constitution of the stretch marks.

Mesotherapy treatment

The treatment of stretch marks by mesotherapy aims to stimulate the functioning of the fibroblast, to make collagen and elastin again. This can be a cure but also preventive.
Products used:

  • Salicylate of Silanols
  • Magnésium
  • Vit C


Early phase: Silanols salicylate papules
Status phase: salicylates (3 ml) and Vit C (1 ml) papules
In case of allergy to aspirin: Vit C (1.5 ml) and Mg (2.5 ml) papules

Preventive treatment

Vit C (2 ml) and Mg (3 ml) IED

Vergetures & mésothérapie - Pistor ElianceMesotherapy: micro-dermopidermic perforations: IDS, IDP, (leading to a process of natural healing and therefore fibroblastic activity.

The use of mesotherapy will optimize hydration to moisturize the skin, stimulate the local microcirculation and provide it with essential micronutrients.

The treatment is effective on any type of stretch mark:

  • Old (white) stretch marks diminish by about 50%.
  • Recent (red) stretch marks fade more easily.

With 2 to 3 sessions a week, with a minimum of 15 sessions, you can get an improvement of 50% to 80% depending on the subjects.

Indeed the stretch marks become less white and less wrinkled and they are much less visible. The skin becomes more elastic and supple. It is important to know that the restructuring of the dermis and epidermis continues after the sessions.