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Stress & Méqothérapie - Pistor Eliance

In our daily lives, the human being is more or less subject to stress, which manifests itself in different ways, it can be physiological or psychosomatic. However, there are multiple methods for remedying these symptoms; including mesotherapy, which is the most widely used technique and which is subject to significant stress.

Stress and mesotherapy today form an effective combination, mesotherapy being performed by localized injections with sessions spread out over a few weeks.

Anxiety, Depression, weaning of antidepressants, sleep disorders, spasmophilia

Decreased symptoms. Several sessions are necessary, the rhythm and the number remain to be determined by the practitioner.

Deep intradermal technique on the anterior surface:
• external frontal point
• ethmoidal point
• temporal point
• carotid point on the posterior surface:
• 3 points on the occipital triangle
• 3 points on the medocarpian triangle
• SID points

in front Thoracic:
• 4th bilateral intercostal space
• Solar plexus
• stress point

- 1st month: every week
- 2 ° - 3 ° months: every 15 days
- Then on request

Mesotherapy once again confirms the principle that it is not harmful and the second is effective. Mesostress can in most cases stop the anxiolytic treatment.

The Pistor Eliance :
For today's mesotherapy.