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Arthrose et MésothérapieOsteoarthritis is characterized by the wear and tear of articular cartilage (knees, hips, fingers, spine, shoulders and elbows) and inflammatory phenomena. The thickness of the cartilage decreases, eventually causing pain. The cartilage can crack, creating holes until the bone is exposed. When the bones touch, stiffness or blockages appear. Small bony growths can form on the ends of the joints causing deformities. Osteoarthritis occurs when the degradation exceeds the regeneration of the cartilage matrix.

No joint is spared. There are no medications that completely eliminate osteoarthritis and rheumatic pain.

More than one in three French people suffers from rheumatism. The pain is mechanical because it is triggered and aggravated as soon as the person moves the painful joint. Therefore, the pain is weak in the morning and worsens during the day until it becomes maximum in the evening. Some factors may be genetic: osteoarthritis in the same family is common for the knee, hip and hand areas.

Being overweight is also a factor leading to an excessive load on the joints and an increase in osteoarthritis pain. Remedies such as therapeutic mesotherapy injections help relieve pain immediately.

The injected products are mixed with anesthetic products that instantly relieve pain. In addition, product injections are localized as close as possible to the joints ... where it hurts.

The session lasts approximately 20 minutes. Some pain is relieved from the first session. The number of sessions varies according to the pain. Patients can resume their daily activities, without consuming oral medication and without cortisone infiltration.

Mesotherapy is an interesting therapy for the treatment of osteoarthritis. Mesotherapy combines harmoniously with other therapies, dietetics or medication, orthoses or physical therapies, acupuncture or hydrotherapy.

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Arthrose et Mésothérapie

  1. Active on pain
  2. Reduces the continuous intake of medication,
  3. Use of cortisone injections, reduces side effects
  4. Unaggressive and inexpensive     

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