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Zona et mésothérapie - PistorZona is a viral disease that can affect anyone who has had chickenpox in the past. It is the result of a reactivation of the varicella zoster virus (VZV), belonging to the same family as that of herpes. After chickenpox, the virus remains as "asleep" for years or decades in the nerve ganglia along the spine. It can resuscitate when the body defenses against infections or significant stress, causing shingles. It affects more people over 45-50 years old.

This viral disease is in the form of a painful rash (burning, electric discharge or sharp twitching), on one side of the body, which can also evolve into a nerve damage, responsible for pain varying in intensity and duration. Without treatment, skin lesions disappear on average in three to four weeks. As for the pains, they sometimes require a prolonged treatment of several weeks.

Some dermatological conditions, such as shingles or herpes, are effectively treated with mesotherapy.

Mesotherapy is very effective for treating shingles at the beginning of the disease, avoiding the installation of residual pain very debilitating and stubborn of this disease.

Treatment of shingles in the initial phase: When the rash appears, the first-line treatment is mesotherapy in the form of meso vaccination, which consists of introducing microdoses into the vesicles of an immunomodulatory treatment. IDS topping in 3 sessions at 3-day intervals.


Immunizing mixture:

Magnesium pidolate
Vitamin C
Influenza vaccine

Analgesic mixture:

Calcitonin 100 IU
Vitamin C

The treatment of shingles is an emergency in mesotherapy.

The Pistor Eliance :
For today's mesotherapy.