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²MI Midecal Innovation - UltrasonsA revolution in aesthetic procedures
This futuristic technique is recognised by professionals as becoming invaluable, and has only  recently been introduced into the world of beauty. It has considerably augmented the performances of skin care treatments.

Ultra sound has two correlating effects on the organisms on which it is performed.

Mechanical action : The vibrations created by the ultrasound have a “push and pull” effect on the tissues. These vibrations correspond to the frequency and result in a micro massage effect. The effect is more intensely felt where two types of tissue meet or are in contact, (skin and muscle.) This is due to the phenomenon of reflection

Thermic action :The friction created by the micro massage creates a local augmentation of temperature. The intensity depends on the type of tissue, the different co-effecients of absorption, the reflection penname between different tissue types and the power applied in the chosen ultrasonic mode. This thermic reaction has a considerable effect on the circulatory system.

The two above collateral fundamental actions introduce :
Metabolic effect : ultrasonic energy creates a strong metabolic reaction within certain skin cells. It can accelerate healing (wounds) and stimulates fibroblasts to raise the production of collagen.
Phoretic effect : ultrasound augments the permeability of the skin coupled with radiation pressure; this allows active products to penetrate by sonophorese which is similar but not the same as ionphores (ionisation.)
Fibrolytic effect : the friction between molecules provoked by the ultrasound reduces the formation of fibrous cells and diminishes scar tissue.
Sympathicoltic effect:  the ultra sound blocks the transmission of orthosympathic and this has a vasodilatation effect on the blood supply of the cutaneous skin.