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Mesotherapy around the world

Mesotherapy around the worldMesotherapy is a medical technique that was developed in 1952 by Dr. Michel Pistor. It is based on repeated administration of low doses of allopathic drugs (all drugs used in general practice, except corticosteroids) or homeopathic, on or in the skin, where the disorder or pain is felt and its origin.
Mesotherapy is a medical technique, intradermal injection of some drugs as they are, must be practiced with all the required medical knowledge.

Legislation of each country regulates the practice of mesotherapy.
We advise you to contact the College of Physicians of your country to know it.
Mesotherapy in several countries is represented by a national company, it will answer all your questions.

National Societies mesotherapy (adhering to the SIM)

GERMANY German Society of Mesotherapy
Chair: Dr. Britta KNOLL
Headquarters: Pariser Platz, 4
81667 MUNICH
Tel.: 00.2149.89.448.EI! L.40
E-mail: bourgett@t-online.de

AUSTRIA Austrian Society of Mesotherapy
Chair: Dr Sabine WIED
Head Office: 15 a Landstrabe
4020 LINZ
Tel.: 070 771579
Fax: 070 785868
E-mail: sabine@Wied.at

SPAIN Spanish Society of Mesotherapy
Chair: Dr Ana Lopez-Barr
Headquarters: Conde de Salvatierra, 3
Fax: 00.34.963.51.35.93
E-mail: icerver@es2informatica.es

FRANCE French Society of Mesotherapy
Chair: Dr. Denis LAURENS
Registered office: 15 rue Swiss
75014 Paris
E-mail: drdenislaurens@aol.com

PORTUGAL Portuguaise Society of Mesotherapy
Chair: Dr. Carlos Alberto Macedo BRANDS
Headquarters: Servicos Medicos Polireal
Tel.: 00.351.
Fax: 00.351.

RUSSIA Russian Society of Mesotherapy
Chair: Dr. Olga SELYANINA
Registered office: 1 Vladimir Martinex Skaya UI
2712 111401 MOSCOW
Tel.: 00.749.
E-mail: info@mesodoctors.ru

SWITZERLAND Swiss Society of Mesotherapy
Chair: Dr Giuseppe IUVARA
Headquarters: Rue Pury 4
Fax: 0041.32.725.11.68
E-mail: @ giuseppe.iuvara freesurf.ch

COLOMBIA Colombian Society of Mesotherapy
Chair: Dr. Sergio Alejand RADA-
Headquarters: Carrera 19 No. 109-47 SANTAFE DE BOGOTA
Tel.: 00.57.620.11.19-Fax: 1.57.620.79.36
E-mail: radasergio@latinmail.com

MEXICO Mexican Society of Mesotherapy
Headquarters: Cincinnati, Col 81-307. Nochebuena
Tel.: 00.525.59.83.610
Fax: 292.06.43 or 00.525.598.30.58
E-mail: bmillerkobisher@hotmail.com

TURKEY Turkish Society of Mesotherapy
Chair: Dr Nedret Ergüven
Headquarters: I-Mediko Sitesi, AI Blok Daire 3
Tel.: (90) .
Fax: (90) .
E-mail: nedreter@hotmail.com

ISRAEL Israeli Society of Mesotherapy
Chair: Dr. Andrew Kaplan
Head Office: 75 Derech Hevron. Say 16
Tel. Fax: 972 - (0) 2-6711246
E-mail: ajkaplan@itmail.co.il or kaplan.andre@gmail.com
Email Company: meso.israel@gmail.com

ALGERIA Algerian Society of Mesotherapy
Acting Chairman: Dr. Abdelhamid Bencharif
Headquarters: 5 av. Mahmoud BOUDJATIT
16008 Kouba Algiers
Tel.: 00.213.21233216
E-mail: ahbencharif@hotmail.com

TUNISIA Tunisian Society of Mesotherapy
Chair: Dr. Salah EL ABED
Head Office: 201 Avenue Habib Bourguiba
LE KRAM 2015
Tel.: 71277358
E-mail: elabed.stt@planet.tn

National companies of mesotherapy (not adhering to the SIM)

Venezuala Society of Mesotherapy Bresilienne
Chair: Dr. Rafael Zambrano
Head Office: Av Pantheon, Centro Clinico Profesional, San Bernardino, Caracas
E-mail: alfonsozambrano@netscape.net

Mesotherapy Society AZERBAIJAN Azerbaijan and Georgia
Tel.: (+994) 412 5110211
E-mail: info@meso.az

Belgium: Belgian Science Society of Mesotherapy
Chair: Dr. Daniel BACQUELAINE
Way of the Clean Air 52-4052 Beaufays.
Tel. : +32 (0) 4 368 85 67
Fax.: +32 (0) 4 368 85 67
Mail: mesotherapie-ssbm@skynet.be

POLAND Polish Society of Mesotherapy
Chair: Dr Izabela Tilzer
Headquarters: Warszawa, ul. Bonifraterska 3/11 lok. 48
Tel. : +48 (22) 831 94 66
Mail: gabinet@medycynaestetyczna.com

THAILAND Thai Society of Mesotherapy
Chair: Dr.Surachai Liamthong
Headquarters: Bangkok Metropolis (Krung Thep)
Mail: webmaster@thaiplasticsurgery.com

AUSTRALIA: Australian Society of Mesotherapy
Chair: Belinda Orgo
Headquarters: Shop 1, 40 Pacific Highway
St leonards, NSW, 2065
Mail: belinda@mesotherapyworldwide.com