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Cours international de  mésothérapie  esthétique  3 au 5 septembre 2015

Premilary programm : 
Thursday 3 September 2015 :Definition and History of mesotherapy – Material – Techniques of Injection – Differents theories of mesotherapy– Hygiene and Aseptic – Side effects – Histology of the skin – Emergency kit for mesotherapy.
Friday 4 September 2015:Pathophysiology and mesotherapyScars – Pathophysiology and mesotherapyStretch Marks –Pathophysiology and mesotherapyAlopecia – Anatomy of fatty tissue – mesotherapycellulite –Workshop.
Saturday 5 September 2015 :Pathophysiology and mesotherapyfor skin aging – Mesolift – Dermorestructuration – Growth Factorsand Mimicking Peptides – Patelet-Rich Plasma and Cell Therapy – Mesobotox – Workshop.Course

Cours international de  mésothérapie  esthétique  3 au 5 septembre 2015COURSE COORDINATOR
Françoise GEORGE - MesotherapistFRANCE

Prof of Anatomy, Orthopedic Surgeon, FRANCE 
Vincent CASOLI, 
Prof of Anatomy, Prof of Plastic Surgery, FRANCE

Nedret ERGUVEN,  Anesthesiologist, TURKEY

Vincent CASOLI - Prof. of Anatomy, Prof. of Plastic Surgery - FRANCE
Nedret ERGUVEN -  Anesthesiologist, Mesotherapist, Presid. Turkish Society of Mesotherapy
Françoise GEORGE - Mesotherapist- FRANCE
Bernadette PASQUINI - Mesotherapist- FRANCE

Limited number of places

More information & registration info.iam@aol.com