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Mésothérapie et PRP

Blood platelets allow us to clot wounds and heal. They are rich in growth factors.
Injected in the dermis by mesotherapy, these growth factors released by platelets act by stimulating the proliferation of fibroblasts and collagen production.

Using autologous platelet concentrated extracts (from the patient himself) as repair and revitalisation.Le PRP is a totally natural product advanced technique in facial revitalization: effective and safe.

Methode : Mesotherapy and PRP

Biostimulation is an aesthetic medicine technique for improving the vitality of tissues and replenish volumes. Its uniqueness is that it uses a product autologous (from the patient himself).
In blood there are three types of cells: red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets. Here only the platelets interest.
The Biostimulation is the use of autologous platelet concentrated extracts (from the patient himself) as product filling and revitalization.

Conduct of meetings

Just a blood sample (as in analysis laboratory), followed by centrifugation for 5 minutes. The extracts are ready to be injected. The session lasts 30-45 minutes.The usual protocol has two sessions a month apart and an annual maintenance session.
For hair, the protocol is a little different with 4 sessions at 15 days apart, and maintenance.


Platelets have exceptional revitalizing properties known and used for many years.The aesthetic anti-aging mesotherapy offers the patient a significant improvement in skin quality, both visible, progressive and cumulative.
The result seems totally natural, no effect artificiel.Au the sessions, skin tone becomes progressively more radiant and even, sagging skin is restructured, more dense and tightens.
The face is visibly less tired and rejuvenated. This result takes several months or even années.Cependant time and aging resume their normal course, which means that it is necessary to do regular maintenance sessions.

The benefits of mesotherapy & PRP

Promoting repair and growth of treated fabrics,
Patient safety: his own blood, no disease transmission, no toxicity, no rejection,
Achievable by the doctor cabinet, easy to use kits samples,
Accelerated tissue repair, platelets accelerating tissue synthesis,
Excellent results and progressive.


The growth factors released by platelets act by stimulating the stem cells of the dermis. The four main indications are:

  • The revitalization : Growth factors will stimulate the microcirculation and collagen production.PRP & mésothérapie
  • The skin becomes softer, more toned. The complexion is rosy, more alive. In short stunt, looks good.
  • Dark circles : This is certainly an indication flagship Biostimulation. The product injected mesotherapy has the color and consistency of the plasma is very fluid. The result is consistently spectacular and natural.
  • Wrinkles : Once injected, it will recreate living tissue where it is injected. Unlike the hyaluronic acid gels (which trigger a foreign body on healing), tissue remain flexible over time. It finds its medium and long-term interest.
  • Hair growth : Here are the hair follicles are quiescent under the skin which will be awakened.


Pistor Eliance - Mésothérapie

Mode: Topping
Speed: From 200 to 300 strokes per minute
Depth: 2 mm
Pistol : Pistor Eliance or Pistor 5