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Thursday night, the ranking of 7th Trophy SME Bougeons nous, the Mediterranean region, was unveiled at the premises of the CCI of Montpellier.


MI Medical Innovation has chosen to expand beyond our borders in search of new markets. MI Medical Innovation offers high value-added products based on French expertise.

MI Medical Innovation is the winner of the category "Export" for the year 2016.

Our advantages:
• From the funds of the Lozère, in a village of 1200 inhabitants between Mende and Marvejols, we can export worldwide.
• A PMI of 7 people can be a world leader in high technology medical market.
• Very close cooperation with the national and international medical community, and the use of regional expertise (design, engineering, higher education, quality, outsourced industrial ...) enable the company to consolidate its lead in its market.
• 80% of our suppliers are French and 20% are close Europe.

A big thank you to all our customers and distributors for their trust, from Paris to Nantes via Bordeaux and Lille or New York, London, Istanbul, Mexico City, and yet Jakata Algiers, Berlin, Sofia ...

 7e Trophées PME-Bougeons-nous